LabMD litigation against FTC lingers

Although the Federal Trade Commission won its effort to quash a lawsuit over its probe of LabMD, the now-defunct medical laboratory is still trying to sue three agency employees.

Neill Averitt

The pushback on convenience, resort and junk fees

Unexpected, surreptitious fees in retail transactions — additions like “convenience fees” and “resort fees” — have proliferated wildly over the past 30 years. When they aren’t clearly disclosed at the start of a transaction, their omission can deceive consumers and distort the purchase decision....

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Despite high court loss, FTC still has strong enforcement options

Although the Federal Trade Commission was deprived of some of its powers to obtain redress by the Supreme Court last year, companies with cases before the agency shouldn’t feel complacent.

Protecting privacy remains area of discord at FTC

The Federal Trade Commission is under pressure to be tougher in its privacy enforcement, but it’s struggling to find consensus, with commissioners disagreeing on the best path forward.

On the Shelf: ‘Seek and Hide’ offers riveting breakdown of privacy rights

Too many books on privacy are, to put it charitably, dull. They’re heavy on jargon and light on humor. That’s why a new book tracing the concept of privacy throughout American history is a pleasant...

Get louder on privacy, Colorado AG Weiser tells FTC

The Colorado attorney general called on the Federal Trade Commission “to convene and elevate” conversations about managing privacy in partnership with US states.

In grocery industry, a battle is heating up

Independent grocers say they’re encountering more discriminatory terms and conditions because of consolidation throughout supply chains, so they’re turning to the Federal Trade Commission for relief.

Gun control groups push for crackdown on firearm ads

Illinois gun manufacturer WEE1 Tactical claims its AR-15 style rifle “looks, feels, and operates just like Mom and Dad’s gun.” In response, gun control advocates are pushing the Federal Trade...