On Capitol Hill, antitrust bills advance as Khan stumbles

Antitrust enforcers have received mixed receptions on Capitol Hill in recent weeks.

Neill Averitt

Federal-state relations could use more structure, won’t get much

There are getting to be an awful lot of cooks clustered around the antitrust soup kettle. The question is what to do about it.

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Lawmakers come to FTC’s aid as obstacles mount

The Build Back Better legislation, which contains millions of dollars and grants additional powers for the Federal Trade Commission, is likely to perish. But several lawmakers are helping the...

Beer report misses mark, wholesalers say

A federal report on US alcohol markets is incomplete without showing the vitality of the American beer industry, according to beer wholesalers.

On the Shelf: How citizen activists sparked change at FTC, other agencies

Liberal activists are pushing hard for establishment Democrats to be more aggressive in helping consumers and less friendly toward business. This description of the neo-Brandeisian movement,...

Real estate rulemaking on hold

The Federal Trade Commission has signaled real estate will continue to be an antitrust hotspot this year, but agency action will probably wait until there’s a full complement of commissioners.

FTC guides could undergo makeover

The Federal Trade Commission is set to review its guides on environmental marketing, deceptive pricing, and the use of the word “free” in ad claims. As the agency focuses on ensuring theory and...

Crypto payments top list of losses in romance scams

Lonely hearts searching for love should look out for online suitors seeking money for crypto investment opportunities. Cryptocurrencies have become the most lucrative vehicle for fraud for romance...