US Chamber, House Republicans push FTC to strengthen recusal rules

The US Chamber of Commerce and some of its Republican congressional allies are urging the Federal Trade Commission to revamp rules to clarify when members must recuse themselves.

Neill Averitt

Weight-loss drugs give FTC golden opportunity

The sudden emergence of miraculously effective weight-loss drugs is good news for 100 million American dieters. It’s also a unique opportunity for the Federal Trade Commission. If the agency can help make these drugs more widely available, it can provide a visible quantum-leap benefit for...

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With Axon case, high court could deal FTC another blow

The Supreme Court could pave the way for additional limits on the powers of the Federal Trade Commission, depending on the outcome of a case it will hear arguments on later this year.

Relationship with media evolving for Khan, regulators, legislators

The federal government's position on antitrust is evolving, and so is Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina Khan’s approach to press interactions.

Inflation surge shifts debate on antitrust enforcement

The ideological divide over antitrust enforcement has a new component: the relationship between economic concentration and inflation.

Privacy groups push agenda in meetings with Khan

Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina Khan has engaged with digital privacy groups that insist on protecting consumers’ data as the e-commerce sector continues to evolve.

On the Shelf: Kanter’s professor makes case for the ‘good regulation can do’

Bookshelves are full of works by liberal academics calling for changes to the way antitrust laws are implemented to make society more equitable. However, only one is by the professor who schooled...

FTC pursues more marketers of fake Covid-19 products as pandemic hits two-year mark

The Federal Trade Commission sent an additional 25 warning letters to companies promoting treatments for Covid-19 that aren’t backed by science. The new tranche brings the total to 405 warning...