Q&A: Getting candid with Noah Phillips

Federal Trade Commission member Noah Phillips spoke with FTCWatch reporters June 7 on a balcony outside his office overlooking 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. Inside his office, a picture hangs on the wall of conservatives’ bête noire, Louis...

Neill Averitt

What changes are coming with the merger guidelines?

The antitrust agencies are busy considering possible revisions to the horizontal merger guidelines. Recent speeches and writings by some key players give us hints of what the final product might look like.

Current Issue: 1019

Tough road ahead for antitrust bills

With lawmakers off to a slow start on dealing with antitrust legislation, the rest of the year is filled with uncertainty.

Slaughter voices concerns about impact of systemic bias on divestitures

A Democratic Federal Trade Commission member expressed concern about the ways that systemic bias can affect the agency’s divestiture process, and said the agency must make clear that minority-owned...

In class action targeting elite schools, antitrust carveout faces threat

A class action could imperil the antitrust exemption of some colleges and universities and cost them millions of dollars.

On the Shelf: Kwoka offers possible glimpse of FTC merger actions

John Kwoka is about to live out every academic’s fantasy. The prolific scholar who has long advocated for tougher antitrust enforcement has been hired as the economics adviser to Federal Trade...

Ex-FTC lawyer wants makeover of Facebook customer service

Social media companies’ inscrutable customer service would get a makeover under a petition by a retired Federal Trade Commission attorney.

Cruise line settlement paints picture of robocall recidivism

A group of cruise line telemarketers who used illegal robocalls to generate business are facing hefty fines and court injunctions. The defendants include firms that are brazen repeat offenders,...