Tough road ahead for antitrust bills

With lawmakers off to a slow start on dealing with antitrust legislation, the rest of the year is filled with uncertainty.

Neill Averitt

Is Big Data crucial for competitiveness? Sometimes yes, sometimes no

Big Data is always good to have, but sometimes it only needs to be “good enough.”

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Khan, Kanter pledge cooperation and say no differences, so far

The Federal Trade Commission and Justice Department will work closely on antitrust enforcement efforts, their leaders insisted at their first joint appearance speaking to state attorneys general.

Public comments suggest tweaking FTC’s strategic plan

Business advocates harshly criticized the Federal Trade Commission’s strategic plan, continuing to object to the agency’s direction under Chair Lina Khan.

Kept out of the game: The pitfalls African Americans face as divestiture buyers

The Federal Trade Commission approves only the most experienced, well-financed divestiture buyers to ensure that competition lost from a merger will be replaced or even enhanced.

As FTC examines supply chain woes, don't expect much action

The Federal Trade Commission’s study concerning the supply chain crisis should yield a great deal of data, but the agency could be hindered from offering solutions.  

The year’s hottest smart toys pose threat to kids

The Singing Machine, a Bluetooth karaoke microphone, may seem like a fun toy for kids.

Neil Averitt commentary: A look back at 2021

2021 was a year of startling changes in both antitrust and consumer protection. Long-established doctrines like consumer restitution were tossed overboard without a second glance. Meanwhile,...

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Breyer calls for greater understanding of high court

Supreme Court justices tend to be long-winded and arcane in their writing, contributing to the aura of mystery that surrounds them.