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Khan seeks to ‘democratize’ FTC

Can a law enforcement agency relying on secrecy to do its work be democratized? Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina Khan says she thinks so.

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FTC under pressure to do more to protect franchise owners

The Federal Trade Commission is under increased pressure to give franchise owners more power and tilt the balance away from large companies that rely on them.

Penalty Offense Authority resurrected; its scope could expand

The Federal Trade Commission revived an enforcement tool to counteract education fraud and deceptive ads. Soon, it could be used to combat false earnings claims, deceptive data harvesting and...

On the Shelf: Book about Vanderbilts explores family’s downfall

Enforcers and lawmakers who fret about the power of monopolies can take heart. There’s an excellent chance the companies will be knocked off their perch and the descendants of the founders won’t be...

Scammers like Facebook, Google Hangouts, report finds

Facebook ranks No. 1 for scammers looking to set sophisticated traps for victims online, according to a 2021 report. Google Hangouts is a distant second among the social media apps and platforms...

Neil Averitt commentary: A caution light for competition rulemaking

The Federal Trade Commission is preparing to place large bets on the use of competition rulemaking. This is entirely understandable as a goal of efficient government, but it also raises real...

Rollout of anti-spoofing technology continues

Telecoms are gradually being required to adopt new anti-spoofing technology as part of a sweeping government effort to stop out-of-control robocalls.

Pharmacy benefit managers’ contracting practices criticized in submissions to FTC