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Dems support FTC privacy bureau but roadblocks remain

Momentum is building among congressional Democrats to give the Federal Trade Commission funding to create a new bureau to focus on data security and privacy matters, but obstacles remain to getting the proposal enacted into law.

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FTC to stick to sidelines in healthcare investigation

Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina Khan said the agency will take a back seat in investigating whether large healthcare systems misused federal pandemic relief funds to finance merger and...

Wilson endorses bill to stop agencies’ use of purchased data without warrants

Federal Trade Commission member Christine Wilson has applauded legislation that would stop the federal government from purchasing commercial data on individuals without a warrant. It’s another...

Kanter gets bipartisan backing from past DOJ antitrust heads

Jonathan Kanter, President Joe Biden’s choice to be the Department of Justice’s top antitrust enforcer, has received support from a bipartisan group of people who’ve held the job before.

On the Shelf: Biography of Roosevelt and Wilson resonates in modern political era

Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson played seminal roles in shaping antitrust policy. And while both are long dead, the current debate about whether and how to tame large tech...

Auto part, repair scam reports on upswing, data shows

Auto part and repair scam reports to the Federal Trade Commission grew more than threefold from 2017 to 2020 despite ups and downs in the number of complaints, agency data shows.

Neil Averitt commentary: Hospital prices and bogus joint ventures

Anticompetitive hospital mergers are rife with the potential for price increases and everyone is on watch to prevent them. But many of the same costs and risks can be brought about through...

Khan pledges ‘forward-looking’ strategy to anticipate antitrust, consumer protection problems

FTC adopting changes to streamline second request process, make it more rigorous

Merger enforcement at FTC a ‘slog,’ injects uncertainty for companies, Phillips says