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Biden’s bid to boost competition could reap political benefits

It mostly comes down to a five-letter word.   

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Effort to restore FTC’s restitution powers in hands of Senate

Hurry up and wait. That’s what the Federal Trade Commission must do as it anticipates action by the Senate to restore powers to secure certain injunctive and equitable relief.

Research shows impotence of data breach notification laws

Pass all kinds of notification laws and consumer data breaches continue anyway, research shows.

Activists urge FTC to create civil rights office

The Federal Trade Commission should create an Office of Civil Rights and use other tools to protect civil rights and privacy online, activists told commissioners at a July 21 open meeting.

Privacy Corner: Srinivasan fuses data privacy and competition

An influential thinker about connections between privacy and antitrust has offered a trail of breadcrumbs for regulators.

FTC OKs policy statement on independent repairs

It was as close to a kumbaya moment as the sharply divided Federal Trade Commission has had recently.

Neil Averitt commentary: The provisions behind the FTC chair’s new powers

Lina Khan’s inaugural open meeting of the Federal Trade Commission — held July 1 — led to her obtaining new powers as the agency chair. But just what powers did she get precisely and with what...

#ScamFreeSummer campaign rises in popularity

With Kanter and Khan, Biden opts for tough critics of US antitrust status quo at DOJ, FTC

US antitrust merger filings on pace for biggest numbers in decades