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FTC goes on defensive amid growing calls to curtail its powers

The Federal Trade Commission is fending off attacks from a growing chorus of congressional critics. Its next steps are crucial.

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Biden’s sweeping order asks FTC to rein in labor and repair markets

President Joe Biden issued an executive order pushing the Federal Trade Commission to do more to promote competition in the labor and repair markets and to be more rigorous in reviewing corporate...

FTC opens work to public with limits

Much of the Federal Trade Commission’s work remains shrouded despite the commission’s first open meeting in decades.

Khan could face similar challenges as other chairs with distinct ideologies

Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina Khan, known for her Big Tech criticism, could face some political backlash in implementing a robust agenda, putting her in the same club as two outspoken...

On the Shelf: Boghosian says policymakers should smarten up on privacy

In an era of amplification of unverified knowledge, Heidi Boghosian is on a quest to set the record straight about the complicated cultural question of privacy in the United States.

From predatory schools to rental car fraud, scams targeting military persist

Members of the US military and their families should look out for deceptive practices by GI bill-approved schools and a new wave of car rental scams, the Federal Trade Commission said in kicking...

Neil Averitt commentary: What can be expected from Lina Khan's chairmanship?

It was clearly a new day in antitrust policy when Lina Khan assumed the chairmanship of the Federal Trade Commission June 15. Follow-up questions are therefore numerous and insistent.   

Aon-Willis merger trial set to focus on large customers market