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Measure clarifying FTC’s statutory power faces long road to final passage

Congressional Democrats are speeding up their efforts to ensure the Federal Trade Commission is given statutory power to recover ill-gotten gains, but business groups and their GOP allies are trying to slow the process down.

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Self-regulation hasn’t happened on broadband privacy

Broadband privacy policies will face increasing scrutiny from the Federal Trade Commission this year, while most Internet service providers make no promises about refraining from selling or...

Former FTC commissioner Leary, a 'gentle giant,' dies at 89

Thomas Leary, a former member of the Federal Trade Commission who took a pragmatic yet conservative approach to enforcement matters, died on May 21. He was 89.

Bill targeting scams against Native Americans gets push from lawmakers

The Federal Trade Commission will be required to step up its enforcement of scams against Native Americans if the Senate passes House-approved legislation that has bipartisan support.

Treating the Internet like a utility has antitrust implications

As Congress addresses merger enforcement in digital markets, one option is regulating broadband infrastructure as a public utility, a congressional report said.

Neil Averitt commentary: Antitrust in the heartland

Anyone who works with federal policy issues should drive cross-country from time to time, just to keep in touch with the situation on the ground. My wife and I have just finished a three-week road...

FTC in pursuit of car warranty robocallers

Robocalls about auto warranties have raised the ire of consumers, who have taken to social media to decry automated telephone pitches. The Federal Trade Commission says it’s probing the problem and...

Opinion: Federal-state partnerships can help consumers and overcome a Supreme Court ruling

Amazon sued by DC attorney general over restrictive contracts with third-party sellers

FTC, DOJ antitrust division tagged for spending increases in Biden budget proposal

Amazon bold bid for MGM will test US regulators’ ability to go after Big Tech