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Despite heated debates, Phillips says FTC commissioners still get along

After three years on the Federal Trade Commission, Noah Phillips says comity still exists among commissioners even though it’s sometimes “frustrating” when they don’t get along. He also called on Congress to keep in mind the principle of consumer harm.

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Klobuchar standard on exclusionary conduct takes flak

A provision of Senator Amy Klobuchar’s bill to give antitrust agencies tougher enforcement tools would expand the definition of exclusionary conduct that presents an appreciable risk of harming...

Dems, Republicans use similar but diverging arguments to back up antitrust views

Some Democrats and Republicans are pushing for stronger antitrust enforcement, but they have taken different routes to get there.

FTC flexes muscle over ISPs in suit against Frontier alleging misleading offers

The Federal Trade Commission and six states sued Frontier Communications alleging it misrepresented Internet speeds offered to consumers.

Privacy Corner: Karanjia says regulators need ‘technical sophistication’

Peter Karanjia’s interest in privacy issues is inspired by the First Amendment, with a legal career that has navigated the 21st century information technology revolution.

Consumer travel problems generate complaints for FTC, questions from senators

With pandemic restrictions lifting, two senators have asked the Federal Trade Commission about its efforts to combat travel scams.

On the Shelf: Hubbard’s engaging book makes case for fighting monopolies

Too many books about antitrust policy are, to put it bluntly, dull. They are heavy on the wonkiness and not great on suggestions for how citizens can become involved to try to encourage lawmakers...

Growth of cryptocurrency brings increase in investment scams

Neil Averitt commentary: Roger Noll and the real, unstated issues with Big Tech

Illumina, Grail lose potential quick path to resolving US antitrust challenge

7-Eleven paints picture of dysfunction in FTC’s evaluation of Speedway deal