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Congress wrangles over restitution fix as FTC confronts caseload

As lawmakers debate how to spell out the Federal Trade Commission’s right to obtain redress from bad actors, the agency is tackling challenges in existing cases despite its stinging loss at the Supreme Court.

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Biden administration, lawmakers to ramp up antitrust enforcement in health sector

The Biden administration and lawmakers are working on ways to beef up antitrust enforcement in the healthcare sector.

FTC exits point to law firms, study shows

Looking at the list of former Federal Trade Commission employees, a progressive watchdog group sees a trail of breadcrumbs to a few prestigious Washington law firms.

OMB to update telework guidance soon

The Federal Trade Commission's employees remain ordered to work from home through September, while they await soon-to-be-updated guidance from the Office of Management and Budget.

Neil Averitt commentary: The many and varied abuses in ‘dark patterns’

Manipulating consumers into making unwise decisions is a sport as old as commerce, but it’s been given new reach and effectiveness by the technology of the Internet.

FTC warns against racist, sexist algorithms

Eager to fight the discriminatory uses of artificial intelligence, the Federal Trade Commission has turned the focus on facial recognition technology.

Victims of Stark Legal’s debt scheme get refunds topping $4 million

The Federal Trade Commission is making strides in its ongoing crackdown against abusive debt collectors.

Lockheed-Aerojet review could be aided by new market entrant, but timing will be key