Dispute over competition regulation seen as debate over democracy

The link between market competition and democracy is creating an intellectual tug-of-war between progressives and their conservative counterparts.

Neill Averitt

The great fashion-model conspiracy

The antitrust profession thinks of labor cases as a recent policy innovation. But on the important topic of wage collusion, they date back several decades, at least to the Federal Trade Commission’s memorable case against the great fashion-model conspiracy of 1993.

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High court deals blow to FTC in restitution case, but House Dems offer lifeline

House Democrats unveiled language that more clearly grants the Federal Trade Commission the right to seek financial restitution and disgorgement for unfair and deceptive practices. This comes amid...

Khan likely won’t have to recuse herself on Big Tech matters

If she joins the Federal Trade Commission, Lina Khan’s past comments about Amazon and other tech giants likely won’t prevent her from pursuing enforcement actions targeting them.

Regulatory scrutiny mounts against social media companies

Look for the Federal Trade Commission to order more social media companies to provide data on content moderation policies to show their decision-making about what is allowed or banned on their...

Merger filings bolster claims of increased workload

The deal-making cash flying around lately means more work for the Federal Trade Commission.

Former FTC officials call for direct sales of electric cars

Several former Federal Trade Commission economists are calling for electric vehicle manufacturers to be able to sell directly to consumers.

Neil Averitt commentary: Thoughts on the Jefferson-Einstein hospital merger case

In Federal Trade Commission v. Thomas Jefferson University, the agency suffered a rare loss in a hospital merger case, even though it had applied a well-honed legal theory. Three months later, on...

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Klobuchar’s new book on antitrust hits some high notes

Senator Amy Klobuchar is an earnest and intelligent lawmaker who has thought a great deal about the nuances of antitrust policy and its broader impact on individuals and markets. But unlike many other experts, she’s an adept explainer who can make complicated topics relatable.