Bedoya, focused and passionate, talks about putting consumers first

Federal Trade Commission member Alvaro Bedoya just reached his six-month work anniversary. The former Senate staffer and Georgetown University professor arrived at a time of incredible activity at the FTC. It issued an advanced notice of proposed...

Neill Averitt

Some hits and a miss in Section 5 policy statement

The diplomat Talleyrand, who represented post-Napoleonic France at the make-or-break Congress of Vienna, cautioned his staff to move only in measured steps: “Above all,” he said, “no zeal.” This would have been equally good advice for the Federal Trade Commission’s policy statement on Section 5...

Current Issue: 1002

Slaughter conducts subtle campaign for top FTC job

No acting Federal Trade Commission chair has ever gotten the job permanently. Rebecca Kelly Slaughter is reshaping the political and policy aspects of her role to be the exception to the rule.

FTC acting bureau heads shed light on wide-ranging enforcement strategies

In light of the pandemic and the evolving healthcare market, the acting directors of the Federal Trade Commission’s bureaus have embarked on a sometimes novel path for bringing enforcement actions,...

Khan’s rise continues with nomination to FTC

Lina Khan’s meteoric rise through the antitrust world continued last week after President Joe Biden nominated her to serve as a commissioner at the Federal Trade Commission.

Privacy Corner: Dixon focuses on health and equity gaps exposed by pandemic

As a privacy rights advocate since the 1990s, Pamela Dixon is familiar with tough challenges. Then the coronavirus pandemic hit and took things up a notch.

FTC bonus pool increased 60 percent to $4 million in fiscal 2020

The Federal Trade Commission paid about $4 million in employee bonuses for fiscal year 2020, up from about $2.5 million in fiscal 2019 and $2.4 million in fiscal 2018, the agency said in response...

Neil Averitt commentary: Lessons in document production

The antitrust practice fundamentally relies on the full and honest production of documents, so it’s worth taking a moment to think about how this process can be manipulated — and how to defend...