Bedoya, focused and passionate, talks about putting consumers first

Federal Trade Commission member Alvaro Bedoya just reached his six-month work anniversary. The former Senate staffer and Georgetown University professor arrived at a time of incredible activity at the FTC. It issued an advanced notice of proposed...

Neill Averitt

Some hits and a miss in Section 5 policy statement

The diplomat Talleyrand, who represented post-Napoleonic France at the make-or-break Congress of Vienna, cautioned his staff to move only in measured steps: “Above all,” he said, “no zeal.” This would have been equally good advice for the Federal Trade Commission’s policy statement on Section 5...

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Congress gets into weeds of antitrust legislation with focus on funding and media

Senate and House lawmakers are beginning the hard work of trying to find common ground between the parties about how to overhaul the nation’s antitrust laws.

Conner reflects on range of challenges during FTC tenure

In recalling his proudest moments as head of the Federal Trade Commission’s competition bureau, Ian Conner doesn’t zero in on headline-grabbing cases such as Facebook.

New FTC initiative fights fraud in vulnerable communities

The Federal Trade Commission has launched a new initiative to aid lower-income consumers who are the targets of fraud.

Lawmakers look to expand consumer access to repair services

Congress will again consider a measure that could increase the Federal Trade Commission’s ability to help consumers find better options for repairing certain products.

On the Shelf: Sherman’s memoir neglects insights about landmark antitrust law

Senator John Sherman, the author of the first and some argue most significant anti-monopoly bill, was one of the most important American statesmen of the 19th century. Unfortunately, for...

Operators of charity phone scam settle with FTC, states

Associated Community Services and its affiliates have settled charges of conning people into donating to charities that failed to offer the services promised.