Q&A: Getting candid with Noah Phillips

Federal Trade Commission member Noah Phillips spoke with FTCWatch reporters June 7 on a balcony outside his office overlooking 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. Inside his office, a picture hangs on the wall of conservatives’ bête noire, Louis...

Neill Averitt

What changes are coming with the merger guidelines?

The antitrust agencies are busy considering possible revisions to the horizontal merger guidelines. Recent speeches and writings by some key players give us hints of what the final product might look like.

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Slaughter unveils multi-pronged approach to privacy enforcement

More aggressive enforcement, possible new rules and additional outreach. That’s the three-part strategy acting Federal Trade Commission Chairwoman Rebecca Slaughter is implementing for dealing with...

House members finding some consensus in early talks on antitrust legislation

House lawmakers are finding common ground about reducing the power of Big Tech platforms by calling for small changes such as mandating system interoperability and data portability.

FTC hears support for updating amplifier rule

The Federal Trade Commission has received plenty of public feedback about its amplifier rule. Of the 1,133 comments that have poured in, some suggest an update to the rule to keep pace with the...

Consumers losing more to sweepstakes, lottery, prize scams

Losses to sweepstakes, lottery and prize scams are on the rise, according to new data from the Federal Trade Commission.

Covid-19 fraud to take spotlight during National Consumer Protection Week

Warnings about Covid-19 fraud will be prominently covered at events during National Consumer Protection Week, the Federal Trade Commission said.

FTCWatch turns 1,000

In 1976, Congress passed a major antitrust law, Big Macs sold for 65 cents, and the country was falling in like with a former Georgia governor who had a wide grin and promised “I’ll never lie to you.”